DIUA Openings

Darrington Internet Users Association (DIUA) is looking for some talented individuals to be part of a growing organization that is making a difference in Darrington, WA while building a template for other rural communities to use for creating their own local ISP.

Positions are volunteer and require some time commitment.  
To Apply send an email to careers@diua.org with your resume and what impact you can make at DIUA.  Positions are open until filled. 


Leadership and Administration Roles

(Direct reports to President)

Director of Volunteerism & Workforce Development
Responsible for the overall delivery of services by volunteers and the workforce development program.

Director of Network Infrastructure
Responsible for network infrastructure maintenance, security, and construction. 

Director of Government Relations
Responsible for developing and managing government relations and advocacy.


Committee Roles

Member Advisory Committee (5 Members)
Represents members of DIUA and provides an outlook of member thoughts and opinions and can be an avenue to consult the members on specific issues. 

Privacy and Security Committee (5 Members)
Provides guidance and auditing of elements in privacy and security.