Information about how the network will work available on our network page.
Membership includes first installation. 


Sliding Scale Internet Plan

Connection speed upto

One time $150 membership fee then $ per month.

Membership fee includes first installation.
Reduced membership fee and service cost available through assistance programs.

Assistance Programs

The core of DIUA is the ability to enable all levels access to reliable connections to the Internet. Because we are locally organized by well known residents the best interests of our community are always the priority.

Startup Program
Businesses 1 year or less old can get 3 months free internet. 

Economic Assistance Program
Those who are living below poverty line can qualify for reduced or free internet service. 

Public Agency Connect
Connecting first responders and government.


Education Connect
Free or reduced internet for public school, daycare,  and home school.

Community Support Connect
Local community support organizations can get reduced or free internet service to assist with their mission. 

Free Months
When DIUA has a large surplus of funds we will initiate a free month where all users get a months free internet.