Association Membership

What is membership?

What makes the Darrington Internet Users Association unique is that its members are shareholders of the Internet Service Provider with the ability to make decisions, elect a board, and gain access to a wealth of services provided by this non profit ISP.

The cost of membership is $150 one time (Specialized programs can cut or eliminate the membership cost) and it pays for a few operations of the association and your first installation fee. You become a member forever and it could be sold along with your real property as an additional feature.
DIUA is accepting memberships before service is available to allow for payment of licenses, matching grant funds, and establishing the board.


  • Voting (1 vote per parcel)
  • Acts as first installation fee
  • Appurtenance to real property as shareholder
  • Order services *If/When available
  • Election of Board Members

Specialized Programs

  • Startup Program
    (First 3 months free if business is less than a year old)
  • Hardship Program
    (Little or no cost connection for those with income less than poverty level)
  • Public Agency Connect
    (Connects Fire, Medical, Police, and other government agencies at little or no cost)
  • Education Connect
    (Connects Public/Private Schools, childcare facilities, and home schools at little or no cost)
  • Community Support Connect
    (Connects non-profit community organizations for little or no cost)

Ready for membership?


Select "Join Today!" for the common membership, select "Specialized Program" if you wish to apply for one of the specialized programs.