8/17 Progress Report

Here is the progress report for the Darrington Internet Users Association. We are currently at 13 member shareholders 4 board member elects, 1 government agency, 1 homeschool, and 2 hardship program participants. Presentation about DIUA was done at Darrington Strong, and we got the access key to the CoWork space in town so we can get to work the moment we have a board seated.

WAVE Broadband will be our IP Transport provider getting us from Seattle to Arlington. Frontier will provide us with access to local lines and Central Office for roof mount equipment and colocation. Hurricane Electric will be our IP Transit provider, and the Seattle Internet Exchange will be our connection to the many PEER opportunities we can take advantage of.


Registration for the board election ends August 19th. If we have less than 5 then they will be automatically accepted with no vote and the only votes will be for executive positions. If you would also like to become part of DIUA since we are rapidly growing, you can learn more at https://diua.org/



Jacob Kukuk - President

Darrington Internet Users Association


http://diua.org | (425) 366-7074