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Jacob Kukuk

Jacob Kukuk comes to DIUA from Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) with more than 10 years as a software developer and database administrator. Kukuk is native to Washington State and enjoys getting involved in volunteer activities dedicating 10 years to the Arlington Fly-in.

Darrington is well known for its logging history and outdoor activities. What it is not well known for is its internet service, something that disadvantages our community compared to larger populated areas down below. I’m honored to have been entrusted in solving this problem by founding this rapidly growing idea of raising up the community by creating our own internet service provider that is locally owned and operated by its users.

I see the success of the Darrington Internet Users Association as the key to the success of the Darrington area enabling thinkers and makers to produce ideas and share them globally or learners and consumers to take in ideas that help solve local problems and create citizens that are ready to compete in the technology sector.


We have allot of work to do, I hope you join US!


Jacob Kukuk