DIUA June 2019 Update

DIUA June 2019 Update:

July Board Meeting - Postponed till August 8th

The board has decided to postpone the July Board Meeting as it falls on the 4th of July and board member schedules are all very crazy through the end of the Month.

Progress Report on Tower Agreements:

DIUA has been steadily making progress with our partners getting agreements in place to host the DIUA equipment on the various towers. This is quite a slow process given the number of organizations and legal teams involved. I am working as hard as I can to continue the forward momentum and have various meetings scheduled through the rest of July to continue that progress after the holiday week.

DIUA Overall Status:

DIUA is still in a great place. I too wish that it were already here and we were serving up some great internet to everyone, but we must go through due process and ensure that DIUA gets installed correctly with the correct protections in place for both the tower owners and ourselves. Feel free to reach out to me at jeromy.statia@diua.org if you have any questions or concerns any time! Thanks for continuing to support us and our efforts.


Jeromy Statia

Vice President, Board Member